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How often do you body clip in the winter? What type of clip?

How often do you body clip in the winter? What type of clip?
We clip 1-2 during the winter (sometimes it won't get cold when originally anticipated and fur will start to grow back). I usually trace clip because I don't train as intensely in the winter months.
I live up in va. One is getting ridden 6 days a week and the other one 4 days a week. They are in at night and out during the day. Thanks for the help.
How far north? How much work at what temperature, stabled ( with or without lights) or outside? Make sure you do your last clip on or before Christmas, as the hair will not grow out after that until they change to their summer coat. We sometimes clip up to 3 times with the last once absolutely the latest at New Years, if you clip after that, particularly a full body clip and keep them hot (Arizona, Palm Springs) you run the risk of messing up the hair cycles, and growing a winter coat in the summer.
If they are outside, the entire clip has to be covered, no full body clips.
Depending on how much the horse sweats. We usually either do a trace clip, Irish clip or full body clip. Usually we clip when it starts to get around 10 to 5 degrees (Celsius) and then clip once more if needed. We try to avoid clipping them when it starts being around -5 to -10 and below. We always blanket clipped horses.