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Ask Frédérique Cauffmann : What products do you recommend to prevent colics and ulcers?

Ask Frédérique Cauffmann : What products do you recommend to prevent colics and ulcers?
Hello Amy,

We recommend to work on the gastric flora, which is often forgotten, especially after worming, food changes... We often forget that today it is considered as the second brain !
-      Work on the flora with Proferm ( it is rye flour fermented with EM (efficient micro organisms). That product is a really efficient probiotic to help your horse's flora and prevent colics.
-      About ulcers, we recommend to adapt the food with limitless hay, and with Proferm and Bionit-S. Bionit-S contains argyle minerals rich in alkaline minerals (which is going to disacify the body), will line the stomach walls and will neutralize the production of acid.
-      It is rich in trace elements (chrome, iron, fluorine, copper) which are essential for the organs such as iron or copper which have a powerful anti anemic effect.
-      The Bionit-S is composed at 7% of silicon dioxide. It is everywhere in the body because it composes all the tissus. Silicium allows to regenerate skin tissus and cartilage. But in case of an ulcer the stomach walls need to regenerate their cells (

I can help with Ulcers= if u think ur horse is sucepptable always feed a small feed of fibre b4 u ride him this often looked down on but as long as there r no grains it is 100% healthy feeding ur horse before u ride lines the stomach because half the stomach is unlined (upper half) which if the acid (bottom half) splashes the top it will cause ulcers. This can be during exercise,transport or stressful moments. So feed b4 these. Also there r many good gastro supplements out there research a couple 😀
Idk but my horse is 26 and I'm scared he could get it also. Can somebody help us ? ^