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What are the basics to bring with you at an eventing show?

What are the basics to bring with you at an eventing show?
Also, for dressage you must have white gloves. For XC you should bring a clock with stopwach (a big one, you must see the numbers correctly)
For cross country, you can wear any shirt/breeches/saddle pad, but you must have a safety vest and medical band. Safety vests are required; you can't even SCHOOL cross country without it, although I'm sure you know that. Medical bands are used to note your medical information in case you fall off on course. I have found both of these things on SmartPak. For stadium, you will need tan breeches and a white show shirt, plus your medical band and a white (non fitted, again) saddle pad. Enjoy and good luck! :)
For dressage, the rider will need white breeches, a show coat, and tall boots. You also need a stock tie and pin (equestrian related; my pin is a golden horse head). If you and your horse use a crop, you'll probably want to use a dressage whip for dressage to be on the safe side, just because of dressage regulations. You will also need a white (not fitted) saddle pad :)