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What discipline does everyone do? (Western, English)

What discipline does everyone do? (Western, English)
showjumping and hunter
I ride gaited! Cutback
Showjumping and liberty horsemanship
English (Mostly all hunter classes and dressage. Would love to trying show jumping or eventing )
English, mainly Dressage but Di jumping for fun and I Show and train miniature horses
english (dressage, jumping)
Western but sometimes English but mostly western
Western I do barrel racing
English! I do hunters rn but I wanna switch to jumpers or do eventing!
My main focus is hunters, but we work a bit of dressage and jumpers in
English (Hunting,Saddle hunter,working hunter,eventing and showjumping)
Little of both English and western! I have done hunters, western pleasure, and dressage so far.
I'm learning dressage at the moment (basic stuff before you can learn to jump) but I want to learn to jump!!
English(dressage,eventing, jumping)