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Does anyone else show Miniature horses?

Does anyone else show Miniature horses?
I do... I'm not sure if the question is from 8 minutes or months ago though
I show miniature horses!
I think this will be the 3rd year that I have.
Awh cute! How long have you been showing them for? :)
Blazes Bashful Babe and Hunny Bunny.
Awesome Lynn ! What are there names??
I show miniatures, I have 2 of them that I show.
Sounds good. I have an Instagram also! @jsluckynlove1990
Hey Jordan :) I'm not quite sure I've just started this thing haha. You could dm me on Instagram if you have it??? My mini ACC is @those.cheeky.minis
Yea. How do u work this thing I just got it like 2 mins ago. Is there a dm ? I would love to talk to u more
Awh okay that sucks! And awesome to hear Jordan :)
I have a friend that does
East TN. New Hampshire had better show circuits all around, here they focus mainly in gaited breeds.
Where are you based? Regan
Been wanting to show mine but not much of a circuit around here to my knowledge.