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What kind of horse should I buy for my first horse?

What kind of horse should I buy for my first horse?
Completely agree, choosing the right horse is crucial, there might not be any rescues available that are suitable in which case you'd have to buy😕
I recommend a rescue, you can find one that is suitable for you, don't be picky about breed because it really means absolutely nothing in the long run if you just want a horse to ride and have fun with. Definitely need an experienced horse that knows jumping and is respectful of beginners.
I agree with Kinsey :)
Live in Florida ride 10 hours a week riding close to a year looking to bye a horse
I have been riding close to 1 year
How much experience do you have? (The height of jumps doesn't mean much about your experience, some people who have jumped 2ft are absolute beginners while others can be very experienced) how long have you been riding?
I jump 2foot
Thank you
When looking for a first horse don't always have a "type" in mind. Get your trainer to help you look and try horses with you. They'll find one that you can grow with and can teach you and is suitable for you.
A 16 year old schoolmaster