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What discipline fo you do and what makes you love it?

What discipline fo you do and what makes you love it?
I have done a few different disciplines including Hunter, English, western pleasure, dressage, and western dressage. I am currently doing western, but I love English because of the adrenaline of being on such a powerful, face paced horse. But my western horse can gallop across a field giving me the same feeling!
Eventing.... I love that it's multuple disciplines so there's always something new, fun and different to work on. I can do everything from trails, endurance training, dressage, cavalettis/stadium jump training, foxhunting, etc. to keep my horse fit and happy. It's truly a test of bravery precision and endurance for both horse and rider.
Eventing. 😍
Western speed events. I love the wind in my face. I also love going fast with my boy.
I try to do every thing I can.i love been with my horses and doing things with them and there the best friend you can get.
Western speed events. I love how fast paced it is and how you have to be a team to make a good solid run.
Eventing all the way 😍
Hunter. Love flying I wanna do jumpers for the spread