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What are your tips for a stubborn pony?

What are your tips for a stubborn pony?
Also if they don't listen to 3 kicks give them a smack and a kick at the same time xx
I agree with poppy. Everything else I disagree with majorly. Be more stubborn then the pony. Make them do what you want and keep at them tell they do it
My instructor says you're the boss not a passanger xx
Keep your emotions in check and make work fun for them ;)
Don't push them to do something they don't want to do, because then he will be more willing knowing that you aren't always trying to make him work. Try to create a deal between the two of you (take him for a short ride, and then let him eat some grass or something)
As Katie said, it depend on what. The only advice I can tell you without any information is not being as stubborn as your pony, he will win anyway :p
In what aspect? I've been working with a small pony for awhile and one of the best things I learned from doing so is don't push them. If they do something correct then reward them with a break. They can get frustrated if you keep sending them over something, they do it correctly but then you make them continue to do it. Hope that helped!