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What are the most comfortable/anatomical bridles (ear and neck relief)?

What are the most comfortable/anatomical bridles (ear and neck relief)?
I use a micklem and love it
I love my CWD atomical fitted bridle! So nice, and looks great and does the job!
Ecorider Freedom bridle. Really soft lesther, wide padded headpiece with elastic insert and noseband that falls between a grackle and a flash but is one piece so sits very well on the face.
Shires Avignon if a grackle with the pads behind the rings, really soft and padded! Or if not a grackle then micklem or micklem type bridle which are cheaper then the micklem but still just as soft and sit it the right places!
I recommend PS of Sweden. They have high quality bridles that you can costume to your horse!
Kingsley. Expensive but the best from all of the ones that I've tried :)
Bridles from PS of Sweden are very good 😊🧡
Micklem would be a good bet 😁
I think you are very good to think about your horse's comfort, it is however a matter of trial and error i think.
nice grackle for jumpers is the Prestige windows grackle, no rings and no sheepskin disc at the nose cross
evo equine bridles are also great the headpiece made a real difference to my horse
Know the dimensions of your horses face. A bridle that fits the dimensions of your horses face and is not a off the rack bridle will be the most comfortable bridle
PS of Sweden. I have very sensitive warmblood and this bridle made a lot of difference in his way of going. He is much more relaxed and supple now
Micklem Bridles or the Antares Precision Bridles
The Micklem bridle is a good choice. Although probably not he best choice if you are showing anything other then jumper as they aren't conventional looking.
I would recommend PS Sweden. You can build custom bridles and they are really high quality and a good company to work with! Here is there simple design bridle. Pricey, but its a quality investment!
Here's the link:
I can recommend you 2 ones, with really 2 different prices:

I hope it will help you :)