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What is your typical checklist to prepare a show?

What is your typical checklist to prepare a show?
Many things can happen during a competition, and you don't need more worries :) !
At least, if you prepare it well, you will not get bad surprises about missing tacks or papers...

Here's my check List (showjumping), it's a very simple one. :

Horse Tack :
Head collar & Lead rope
Bandages/Tail wrap

Saddle/Saddle covers
Saddle pads
Bridle and Bit
Extra pair of reins
Saddle soap/leather cleaner

Protective boots
Grooming equipment
Elastic bands

Horse Care :
Feed & bucket
Hay & Hay net
Water bucket
Vet Kit

For the rider :
Show boots and pants
Whip and spurs

Papers :
Registration papers
Association membership
Horse insurance card
Show bill

As I said, it is a very simple checklist ! Feel free to complete it :)
I hope it's going to help you :)
I make sure I bring extra everything
I'd add to Philippa's: polo wraps, saddle pad, blanket and sheet is he wears one, grooming Kit and first aid kit, just in case :)
Well, first of all, don't forgive your horse :p
Saddle, bridle, halter, lead rope, extra pair of reins, breast collar!