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What do you think about Valegro's retirement ceremony?

What do you think about Valegro's retirement ceremony?
I thought it was absolutely beautiful. Valegro was a horse that not only dominated the ring but the entire equine sport industry as a whole. He proves that there is no limit to what one can do and for that, I thought the ceremony was fitting to a T. It was a way of thanking him for all that he’s done over the years. A truly amazing horse.
I thought it was so fitting; a magnificent farewell to a magnificent horse.
I'm sad to see Valegro retire but I'm really glad they're retiring him as well. Valegro has done everything and more that could ever be asked of him and he's being allowed to retire from competition at the top. Also glad they'll still take him out for demonstrations though because they said he loves to perform!
I think he's fantastic (of course!) and I love the whole Team Hester philosophy. It's great what they've done for dressage and it's so nice to see top competition horses who hack and get turn out. I think there is lots of mention of him in various dressage posts here. The ceremony was classy and really beautiful, as Valero, though.