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How to manage a horse that is very anxious in temporary stalls at shows?

How to manage a horse that is very anxious in temporary stalls at shows?
Try pulling him in the stall, if he does good reward him a lot! make sure he's got some hay to snack on, take his mind off the other horses around. If he's moving a lot in the stall, take him out and walk him around let him graze in the grass and take him back.
Another thing you can do along with what's already been said is put up a mirror (one that will not break) so they think they have some company. Test this one out at home first to make sure the mirror doesn't scare your horse more though.
my thoroughbred is like that too. what helps for him is to go for a lunge and buck and run around lol (: and try to have hay, water and a stall toy in front of them at all times(:
I agree with everything everyone's said so far. If possible try to have them next to a horse they know. Also walk them all the way around the temporary stalls so they understand what's going on. Also give them enough hay that they can be eating the majority of the time in their stalls.
You also can give him food, and when he's in the half of his dinner, take him away ! When you take him away from his food, is to make him want to be in his stall. He will want to go back and finish his dinner, right? :)
Bring everything you can from home to make the stall seem familiar. Bring your own shavings, your own water buckets, your own hay-net, and anything else you can bring to make the stall seem like home :)