What is your favorite brand of helmet and why?

I have the new miss shield, I love it ❤️
GPA and Samshield. Super comfortable, ventilated, and clean. You can remove the liners and wash them.
GpA or Sam should they are so breathable and comfy
Tipperary because they are the only ones that fit my head without giving me a headache!
I just bought a new samshield after always struggling to find the right shape for my head. I do love the look of KEP helmets and have tried Antares helmets too - both gorgeous! Make sure you try on or two different brands (from friends) before buying to make sure it will still fit right after a ride.
Samshield!!! They are so comfortable, stylish, and they are well ventilated. They are the most comfortable Helmets I have aver used
The best are any of the brands with the removable washable interiors! One K, Samshield, Kask...
I love Charles Owens because they are so comfy, appropriate for showing, and (as far as nice helmets go) quite cheap!
Not really a show helmet (atleast the ones I've seen) but Troxel! They come in lots of fun patterns and colors, the price is reasonable and are comfortable summer or winter
Charles Owens because they are super comfortable and I like the velvety look and style and they hold up really well
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