Does anyone have any ideas to be able to exercise my gelding while I am going thru chemo?

Instead of exercise, you can always focus on groundwork. Backing is something that I actually just learned about and I'm having lots of fun working with my gelding on it. It's made him a lot more supple and focused on me as well.

I back him in and out of his stall, the washroom, gates, around cones and muck baskets. He's been a lot more forward under saddle surprisingly!
Can always get toys for his stall to at least keep his mind busy when no one can get there to work him. My guy love two liter soda bottles that I take the cap off and put some grain in or lickits or there is a horse at my barn that has been on stall rest for 6 months and he loves squeaky dog toys.
thx so much I never thought of the leasing. I have a friend that goes out but she works alot of hours. so its only 4 or 5 times a week.
we live in a very rainy area and the stable he is at floods all the time. so he hasn't got out much. He usually takes it as it comes. But i am worried about depression and him stocking up. thanks everyone
If you can't find someone to exercise him for you, try to keep him out to pasture as much as possible, and if you have a walker available, put him on that for 15 to 20 minutes each day, just to keep the blood circulating in his legs and help prevent stocking up, excess energy, or depression.
Find someone to lease or have a friend exercise. Hope everything goes well with your treatments:)
I would either find someone that can lease him, or have a parent, sibling, or friend ride him :)
I'd say find a leaser or someone you trust who can ride him. Being turned out with more active horses could also help but you'd need something to supplement it.
Perhaps find a responsible leaser. They can ride and groom him while you focus on healing
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