Ask Martina Boccia : What can I do as a young rider to eventually become a top rider?


Thanks for your question.
As horse lover, breeder and horse owner, I invite you to look for a deep connection and communication with your horses, from your heart, to find the balance and cooperation that is key at any level, especially if you want to compete professionally a top levels.
The team and people around you are also very important. When I interviewed Longines Ambassador of Elegance and top world-ranked show jumper, Jane Richard Philips, she recommended “To be successful in show jumping, it is important to believe in yourself and your horses, and better is the teamwork better the results because it is a partnership. Also very important is the team around you and your horses: trainer, manager, supporter, veterinary and so on. Last but not least, I think that key of everything is to keep your horses happy! Be ready to respect them, spend a lot of time with them, work hard and learn every day from them!”, and I think her words speak for themselves.
You can find the full interview and other useful information about how to communicate and work with horses on my blog
I hope this can help you.
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