A stubborn young rider jerks on her mare's mouth (been riding for 4 years) and no one else cares to tell her. I tried but she won't listen. How do I without yelling at her?

Ariana I can't do that because I am not a certified instructor at the barn. She takes lessons but the guy says the horse will tell her when it is enough. And yes Mellisa my old trainer did that to me and I haven't jerked a mouth since I was 7
Set the bridle in her head, with her hands on the bit, and yank on the reins the way she does to her horse.. that way she feels exactly what she's doing... or put her on a runaway horse with no breaks because they've had their face ripped off too many times, -and now they brace because of it... lol maybe not the last one... but try the first suggestion for sure!
Make her do ground work and tell her she can't ride tell she can listen to you
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