(Western riders) How do you get over being nervous before a run?

I have terrible anxiety when stepping into the show ring and my friend who is a CCA team roping champ told he something the one day and I just follow it. You've done your work at home, there is nothing you can change once you go into that ring, smile and do what you've practiced. If it all falls apart finish your ride then work on it when you get home. Now i don't worry about it I know what I can and can't do!just remember you only have to beat yourself out there don't worry about everyone else have fun
I just take a deep breath and remember why I'm doing this and think of how I want my run to go. Hope it helps!!
Controlled breathing and lots of prayer has always worked for me, along with visualizing the way you want your run to go down. It works!
I'm not a western rider but my advice for show anxiety would be just to take a few deep breaths and tell yourself that it's just a practice. Nothing special or different. I also would recommend making sure you have everything you need the day/night before and that will take away a lot of anxiety. Remind yourself that you know your horse, the horse knows you, and you've done it a billion times together at home.
I usually have an essential oil in my room that I put a drop on my wrist before I fall asleep. And I have a bottle with my show stuff and I put it on before a go it helps calm me down. I also do it before tests and exams. Because your mind recognises it as a calming thing to help relax you and make you sleep. Just make sure it's a smell that you love.
Before I used to get really nervous but I realized and remind my self it's just another run no different than any other run or practice. If I'm that nervous I talk to my horse and ignore everyone else and keep away from the arena till it was my turn. I know a few people who actually take something to keep calm because theirs gets so bad.
I don't ride western, but before a course (even after years of jumping,) I still get very nervous. What works for me is counting a few things around me I can see, feel, taste, smell, and hear (3-5 of each). It sounds weird but it's a big help. I also find one of the best things is if one of my friends just comes over and talk to me about whatever, getting my mind off things.
Yes i am.
Are u a barrel racer to
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