Ask Martina Boccia : With which brands do you work and on what kind of projects?

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks to Tacchi a Cavallo, I have the pleasure to work with several brands and projects, and what I like the most of being a blogger is that I can choose who to work with.
The very first collaboration has been with Longines, who believed in the project since the beginning and thanks to whom I have the opportunity to live the formula 1 show jumping events at the fullest next to the best riders and horses in the world, and also to enter into the amazing world of watchmaking that I did not know before. I love their timepieces, especially the Longines Equestrian Collection and the Longines Dolcevita.
The last collaboration with ClassHorseTV is also very interesting, though a completely different experience compared with writing and photographs, the live interviews are really challenging.
Regarding my collaborations with fashion brands, I am now working on some capsule collections for the upcoming new year and I try to support their communication strategy as a partner.

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