What can I do to fix or help my horse who hates fly veils(when he does have one he doesnt move much or graze much) 😑?

Essential oils are going to be your best friend!!!!!!! There is an oil and you only need to put a drop on their shoulders head and legs! Keeps the files away like no other. Unfortunately I can't remember the exact oil at the moment...
Try rubbing him and desensitizing him to the fly mask. Once it's on, lunge him a bit or run him in the ring to get him used to moving freely when it's on. That should help a great deal. He's just uncomfortable and needs to be warmed up to it is all :)
Which does he hate more, flies or the veil? If he doesn't mind flies I'd stop using it. A good fly spray should work just as good. Some horses are just weird like that.
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