How to assess a fair price on a horse?

I honestly wouldn't pay more than $900 considering the project that he is.
Considering his age and disrespect issues I wouldn't pay more than $900.00. At this point he's technically only a walk and trot horse.
Oh sorry from your original description I didn't realize just how big a project he was.. I wouldn't pay over 1500 in that case.
Sarah, that's about where i was standing but this is new to me so i want to make sure that I'm also being fair :)
With his disrespect issues, that drops his worth significantly. I'd spend no more than 1500. Personally, I'd offer 900-1200. I'd try a gentle bit or a hackamore if you do get him.
Brenna. She's not selling him as any label. She's aware he's a project.
It depends on what she's selling him as; if she's just selling him as a pleasure/hobby horse, then his price could range from ~700 to ~2500.
If she's selling him as a school horse, his price could range from ~1000 to ~3000.
If she's selling him as a hunter/jumper, then depending on how nice a mover he is, his price could range from ~1500 to 8000+
12yo 16h quarterhorse gelding. Owner has had him for several months as she bought to flip him. He has never had soundness issues (she says and says that she has vet records). She had little information on his past but believes he has Hunter/Jumper training. What she knows of his past is that he was an English lesson horse. She now rides him western. What she didn't tell me until i got on him is that he has significant defiance/disrespect issues as a result of his school horse experience. He will buck and cow kick when asked forward and rear with too much bit contact. She literally has never cantered him. After riding him, i am willing to work with him and i do believe he has potential... For the righ price.

What do you think for a fair price?
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