What brand of white breeches do you use for shows?

Montar 💎
Justtogs 🌸 They are absolutely amazing 😉 really recommend them
I have had trouble finding nice white breeches, my two favorites are tailored sportsman and pikeur
Tailored Sportsman all the way
Kingsland, Hervé Godignon, Equiline... :)
I have the smart pak pipers. They are awesome. So comfy and they have good pockets
Omg I loveeeeee Kingsland. The ones I wear are a bit thicker so no seeing through and higher rise which is nice.
I have a pair of Horse Grand Prix which are pretty good and affordable. Best white breeches are made by Pikeur, Cavalleria Toscana and Euro-Star
Tuff riders. The white breeches with the black seat are very comfy. Hold their shape wonderfully. Very flattering with the black seat. Don't stain easily
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