What are your method for a hard reactive horse?

My guy is very reactive and sensitive. I had to learn to read his body language and correct him before he had a chance to spook and 180°. He is also much more relaxed when I am relaxed and "melt" into my saddle. I give him his head for the most part, only taking up enough contact to guide and correct if need be. I always ride with my legs off of him unless I need to squeeze him forward or turn. This relaxed him quite a bit and definitely reduced his spooks. He now rides with hardly any spook
With reactive horses I'm firm if needed, but slow and calm. I react to move them if they come to my space, but I don't feed their silliness, but rather blank them out and let them get over themselves. Think calm and consistent :)
Usually hotter horses have energy management issues, and you don't want them to have extra energy to use in ways you don't want them to. So I'd find ways to burn off some of the energy probably by free lunging before I worked with him. Not trying to train anything, just for exercise. Get him to where he is able to think and not just be a bundle of energy.
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