What are your thoughts about Arabian horses and their industry?

I have an Arabian Quarter mix and she is definitely still very spunky at 22 years. I am not completely familiar with their industry, but I do know that they are not an ideal breed for an inexperienced rider
ETA: I broke one Arabian (horse was built like a tank with an elegant head and movement) and she reminded me so much of my saddlebred. Personality, attitude, and you can't be hard on them. They don't take to punishment well and they are SMART. If something didn't make sense to her right off, she didn't do it. Simple as that. Definitely not a breed you can push around and be done with it. They also thrive off of work so you won't get anywhere lunging to kill the spunk. The spunk stays. Period.
I absolutely adore riding type Arabs but I don't really see the point in halter bred ones. They're so lightboned and don't seem like they would hold up to much work. Maybe I'm not seeing the whole picture (I'm a saddlebred person, not Arab) but that's my opinion. Seems pointless to have a horse you can't ride.
Yes I own an Arab and he is always a character! I love the breed to pieces but I feel like it is being ruined. I am not satisfied with the Arabian horse people that I know because they seem to be hostile against everyone else...its just not fun anymore.
I am in the Arabian Horse industry and I think it's super amazing! (Slightly bias of course) I do know of some pretty Horrible things in the Arabian Horse industry JUST LIKE ANY OTHER there are some things that could be fixed. A lot of the time the Arabian Horse industry and horse show how incredibly versetile Arabians are, while being known for being high strung they can learn to do ANYTHING you want to teach them. There smart and affectionate. One of the best breeds I've ever gotten to work with. If you ever have the opportunity to work with an Arabian, take it! You can learn so much from it and the things that they do!
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