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Have you heard of a "clippable shoe" (they're supposedly the new thing and shock absorbant to save ligaments and joints)?

Have you heard of a "clippable shoe" (they're supposedly the new thing and shock absorbant to save ligaments and joints)?
No I use iron shoes but I would recommend trying them if your horse likes them
My friend rides on the road and she started using them on her new horse and they are amazing
Yes I have 12
I’ve read reviews on the megasus horse runners and the majority of people said that the Velcro and glue that you use to stick them to the hooves get damaged and fall off so they are a wast of money, however you can try cavallo horse boots the work exactly the same except they are stronger and last a long time !!
They're a bad idea. Much too grippy on the bottom: if you take that bit of slide that bare feet and iron shoes have away from the foot, then it wreaks havoc on the ligaments and joints. Think about the concussive force on a horse whose feet stop dead, little or no slide, with each step.
if you do a lot of research on them there's like a million different kinds. they are much more practical, iron shoes are non shock absorbing and horse hooves are. horseshoes weren't actually invented for the purpose of protecting the hooves from shock, they were made to protect the hooves from water, pee, mud etc because that was their living conditions. why put non shock absorbing material on a shock absorbing material?
I think they are really ugly and probably won't be very effective or practical
Let us know how they work for you, Sarah!
It's called the megasus horserunner. I'm not a fan of shoes, but I'm planning on trying them out
I have heard about them. They sound interesting, the only thing would be how well they stay on and how to fit them to the horse (corrrsctive purposes). I underdtand they are not available yet
My thoughts exactly. Though, they advertise to be able to hold up over rough terrain. May be something to experiment with in the future!
They seem like a product that would be so good for horses health wise, but I don't think I could trust that the plastic wouldn't break and bend and snap off.
I've heard of them but I honestly feel like they wouldn't work as we expect them to...