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What are some ways to improve a horse's bascule or scope?

What are some ways to improve a horse's bascule or scope?
Grids, bounces, gymnastics and wide jumps with fillers. (Oxer etc) or any type of jump that will make them think about what they are doing. I know a lot of horses that will trip over small jumps, but jump 4 ft+ with ease.
I like to build out the fill of a jump so its wider for the horse to jump over, so its kind of like an oxer
I do grid work so do a bounce then 1 stride then 2 stride and it really helps the horse concentrate on their technique!
on top of what everybody else has said, try v-poles , they help with overall technique.
I took my horse hacking and had her jump solid objects (fallen tree limbs and such). The objects were a reasonable height, but obviously didn't move or fall like show jumps so gave quite a shock if she got lazy with her feet and knocked into the tree. Now, she is extremely careful and leaves a good bit of space between her and any jump she comes across.Hope that helps!
Bounces, gymnastics, cavelettis, pole work, and transitions within the trot and canter (extended, working, collected)
Bounces and gymnastics