What should I do to exercise my horse and get rid of his excess energy when I have no lunge line out there currently, no arena to work him in, just his halter, lead rope, and tack?

take him for a run, if he has a fenced paddock or a empty fenced in field grab a lead rope and give him a chase and just let him book it, that's what we do to horses before we ride them so if they need to let some energy out or some bucks they can do it without us on them and have a blast
If you have mountains in your area take him up them thay what I do it also builds muscle
If you have somewhere to ride even in a 20m circle then do lots of lateral work. Asking shoulders and haunches to move in and out of the circle independently. Giving them a job will help redirect the energy into a productive and rideable mount.
I do have a lunge line but he has been moved recently so not everything has been moved with him and I do try to work him but he is kinda buddy sour as well and likes to use all his pent up energy to get back to "his mares"
Oh that's too bad, all you can really do is get him moving right away when you get on. It may be worth investing in a lunge line.
I do not unfortunately the place I would be able to is not taken care of very well and a whole bunch of metal fence posts lay around on the ground and cattle were recently moved into the pasture
Without even an arena, the best you can do is probably to get him trotting pretty much right away... do you have a small paddock you could free lunge him in?
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