Do you gave good exercises for a young horse who spooks easily to recommend (he needs something to occupy his mind, and get rid of excess energy)?

I would start with ground work and make sure he respects you enough by moving his shoulder and haunches over so that when he does have excess energy you have something to do on the ground that he respects. Lateral work like leg yields and shoulder in are great ways to keep a the young uns busy.
Keep that brain busy. Switch things up for the yearling.
Set up poles and do some pattern work :) I do this not only for my horse but for myself as well when I get nervous. It works really well and keeps both the horse and rider thinking
Lots of transition's and Def not just staying on the rail going around the ring. Figure 8's, bending, and riding around any jumps set up in the ring, weaving in and out of them in no particular order. Keeps the on their toes and paying attention to where they are going and also helps keep then balanced. Also set up pole exercises, fun and mentally tiring as well as physical.
I found when my young horse did that I trotted wal to walls or two to three times at the start of the ride and when it felt like he was going to sook.🐴
Thank you 🙂I'll definitely give those a try when I work with him next
I ride young horses and run into this issue quite often. The key is distracting them by making them work really hard, and changing up the exercises.
One that works really well for me is doing a figure eight of 10m or 15m circles. I like it because I can change it by circling a second time or adding a third loop to the figure eight every now and then, while still doing an exercise where I can encourage them to become more supple by bending around my legs, working towards lifting their backs, while also keeping them occupied by the variance of the exercise.
Another one I really like is spiralling circles in and out by pushing their haunches in. This gets them working much harder and is often a lot for 3 or 4 year olds to focus on. You can also incorporate this one into the figure eight exercise
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