What kind of stretches or non-riding exercises do you recommend to do with my mare while she gets time off?

Lifting the legs slowly and using treats to make his/her head touch the shoulder or however far they can stretch a bristle part of a hoof pick under the belly and gentally push till they raise thier back and stench thier spine?
she follows, backs, pivots, does some shoulder in, half passes, etc from the ground for me. we worked a lot on this all last year so it would translate to the saddle (: i'll definitely still be working on it though, thanks!
Showmanship is a lot more than just ground manners though. It's a lot of your horse listening to you and being in tune with your body. Also, backing, turns, pivots, etc are very good for muscle building.
Kaitlyn, i always work on ground manners anyway, aha. she's got great manners.
I love adding in some showmanship/halter on the ground to work on responsiveness and respect/ground manners.
Teach clicker training! I do connectiontraining.com but there are others!

Look up carrot stretches and teaching them to smile is always cute!
My horses love it when I stretch their front legs out as if they were pawing and make them tuck their head between their legs and side to side
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