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What are the benefits of having specific bits only for showing and not for training at all?

What are the benefits of having specific bits only for showing and not for training at all?
At shows horses tend to be more energetic, excitable, spooky and unpredictable, so a lot of people have a little stronger bits for showing because it gives them more control.
There is a stronger response from the horse, making it more comfortable to control
Sometimes horses need stronger bits at shows if they get fast and excited
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I have different bits for show and schooling, but I mostly like to think of them as flatting and jumping bits. When working on the flat, I prefer a softer, thicker bit, and while jumping I use a slightly harsher, thinner bit. When I am at a show, my horse may be stronger and therefore I use the bit that I jump in. In my opinion it is all about being able to adjust to the horse's specific needs.
I think a horse can act very differently and may even go differently at a show. A lot of people have different bits to flat and jump the horse as well, because the horse is different over fences than he may be on the flat
My horse gets very strong at shows and when jumping so I switch to a bit which gives me more control. When I flat he is calm and usually a little lazy so I dont need as much bit in his mouth to do the work we need to do
The effective ness of the bit on most horses will eventually go away. If you have a show bit that is different it will be more effective for longer
i ride mine in a snaffle at home and when we are at shows i ride him on the lower ring on a two ring.
I use a rubber snaffle at home and when I show I step up to a plain snaffle for a bit more control. Sometimes the horses get a little stronger at the horse show so it allows a little more control.
i do this and my mare does pretty amazing with the change up, but i also do sometimes use the bit i show in if i feel my mare needs a tune up. the random switch just gets her attention really well.
The horses tend to respond much more readily, even if you only slightly change the bit (from a thicker dee ring or full cheek to a slimmer one). Make sure you ride in that bit at home a few weeks before the show though once or twice to make sure they won't freak out because of it an be tossing their head everywhere
Do the people do it often? Will you recommend it?
Yes, I agree with Rebecca, for some horses it is useful to have a secret bit during shows, as they're more attentive to you!
As the horse is used to a specific bit, if you put an other one for a show, he will be surprised and you will get a better control of your horse if sometimes during shows you don't :)