What do you think about the HDR advantage close contact saddle other recommendations?

I love the Voltaire saddles- most important is to find a great fit for your horse. Either have a saddle fitter or if your trainer is good at that, fit the saddle. A great site to find very nice, high end saddles is redwoodtack.com. Leah is great to work with and you can get a fabulous used saddle for 1/2 the price of a new one.
Your welcome Harleigh
Thank you Natasha!
What you can do is take a coat hanger and mold it to your horses wither and shoulder and take that to the tack shop and size it up
I was looking at an HDR and had to return it because the back was so built up, it threw me forward and out of the saddle.
So if my horse is a med wide purchase a wide?
Be aware the HDTV runs narrow. I bought one last year and had to return cause it pinch my horses shoulders
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