Have you had a horse that's not sound without shoes on? Is there anything else I can do besides put on shoes? He has almost no hoof to nail shoes onto. Thx!!!

I've already read the answers below, but i would reccomend glue ons. As much as they are expensive if they're done right they can go 8 weeks, and with hoof supplement your horses feet should grow faster, so you might only need the glue ones for one to two trims. I feel that the glue ons are more reliable then hoof boots.
I use Easyboot trail, super easy to put on, this link should bring you to them at Smartpak

what kind of "hoof boots" do you guys use exactly?(: like brands models types? thanks so much !
I use hoof boots on my guy anytime he doesn't have shoes, and he loves them. They stay on surprisingly well despite his antics / footing. And put him on biotin, it's in most hoof supplements. I feed 'biotin daily' and it's done wonders, plus its fairly inexpensive where i am compared to others. .
My horse is the exact same! I use hoof boots on him and they work amazing!
Alyssa that would be great
There is a new shoe that you can take on and off whenever. Kind of like a glue on but I don't believe you have to replace them like regular shoes. I can research them and tell you what they're called if you want :)
he is on a hoof supplement. seems to be helping a bit
Let the hoof grow out for a few weeks/months. Put the horse on a hoof strengthening supplement. And if you are considering making the horse Barefoot, contact a local CERTIFIED barefoot trimmer to trim your horse and have them fitted for boots.
I have tried glue on shoes. they helped but I don't have $355 every time he needs shoes and that's what they cost.
Try glue on shoes maybe? No nail holes needed and will allow the foot to grow out.
Yes! We have a 29 year old mate that my sister rides who is like that. We have tried a lot of things. One of them that helps a little is not feed alfalfa hay. She is only aloud to have grass hay but she has to wear a grazing muzzle outside! That helps a little bit, supplements can also work
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