I want to teach a 8 year old horse to be a western horse, his english right now but no one can ride him without haven connection with the bit (a tight bit)?

Ok I'll see what we can do thank you so much
I am currently helping someone with their 4 year old who is distracted easily. One of her issues is the amount of time spent on one thing is really boring, so she forgets her job. Try him in a round pen that has solid walls so he can't focus on anything else. And make sure that when he does really well, you move on and do something else, or quit and reward him. Even taking him for a hack is a nice change of pace
I haven't tried that yet thank you. But so far we have only walked and trot makein baby steps. He has rolled with me before and others. And how do I keep his mine on me? He gets distracted so easy
First work on slowing him down to a jog and a lope. Then begin to use a give-and-take method when he goes slow, give...when he goes fast take. Keep doing this until he learns there is no pressure when he goes slowly
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