Ask Alexandra Crown : How do you maintain your horses between big shows? (Balance between rest and training)

Hi Dan!

My schedule at home varies from horse to horse and also depends on how vigorous the show schedule is at that time. For the most part, if we are showing a lot, my horses don't jump much at home unless there is something specific we need to work on. I also think that along with giving them a break physically, horses need a mental break in between competitions. When we are in Florida during the winters, the horses tend to be showing a lot so during the days in-between I like to mix up where I flat them so they can get out of the ring. I alternate between riding them in the ring, on our field, on our track and then also take them on trail rides out on the canals.
Whenever we have more downtime in-between shows, for example we have had the past month off from showing, I can do a bit more jumping at home. However, we still like to keep it to a minimum so that when we start up showing again my horses are fresh and ready to show!

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