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What do you guys do to treat thrush?

What do you guys do to treat thrush?
Apple cider vinegar and water half and half just pick out the hoof good squirt some in and works like a charm it only took one use for my horse and we where pretty much good then just do it maybe once a week just as maintenance.
Thrush buster or iodine 🙃
thrush buster, No thrush powder - depending on how bad it is, I've used thrush buster and packed it with cotton
Iodine in a spray bottle!
Depends of the severity. If it's severe, I'll use white lightning and stuff any cracks with polysporin and gold bond with cotton. For mild thrush I spray on some coopertox or use Stockholm tar. I find the tar works better than the coppertox.
Kopper care
Coppertox works really well but thrush buster is the best but it's expensive
Thrush buster.