What material and brand cinch / girth would you recommend?

Soft touch girth by classic equine
I use leather girths. For cinches, I like the Weaver SmartCinch. http://www.chicksaddlery.com/page/CDS/PROD/32G460. Looks like Tough-1 is making a version of it too. http://www.chicksaddlery.com/page/CDS/PROD/1050/SNC660. I have the Weaver brand and really like it. Its so easy to tighten and secure.
Personally, I like CWD leather girths. They are high quality, so that will last you ages and won't stretch as much over time. The leather is also soooo soft.
ETA: they have English and western I believe.
I have an amazing Professional Choice SMX girth. Nonslip and you don't have tighten as tight as a leather girth. Worked great for my guy since he hates being girthed up.
I personally like leather because they're much easier to clean amd don't stretched out as much over time
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