I have a western pleasure gelding who was taught not to take off in the arena, I started him on barrel racing, but he won't run, any tips without striking him or hurting him?

Some horses don't enjoy one discipline over another. Just because I can run doesn't mean I like to unless I'm being chased.
Some horses just aren't arena horses. If he's been taught to the point of ignoring cues to be calm in the arena, cantering may be about as far as he'll get anytime soon. You can try to keep asking, gently, and it might 'click' one day.
Try doing one barrel things, like down and back.
He goes full out gallop when I ride him on fields, I am just looking for tips on one more step
If he canters them that might be his "max". Not all horses are going to be 1D barrel horses.
He is an Arabian and is very versatile. I do not own him, I lease him and they told me he can do whatever is asked. He enjoys learning. He can go really fast in the field while riding. He canters around barrels quickly, I just want one more level of speed from him
Why would you buy a western pleasure gelding and try and barrel race him? Most pleasure stock are BRED to not be go fast. Not to mention trained for years to go slow. You will only scare and ruin this horse's mind by trying to force him to do something that he isn't equipped for.
Try taking it slowly and gradually get him to speed up. Practice the pattern slowly and once he understand ask him to go a little faster and a littler bit faster after that. It will just take some time to undo his prior training. He may or may not get as fast as you want
Except he love to race outside and he goes faster than he should in the shows...he has don't , pleasure, Hunter, jumper, dressage, trail, halter, showmanship and sport horse...he enjoys doing the fast turns and he canters really quickly, I just can't get him to gallop
Honestly, if he was bred and trained to be a western pleasure horse, I wouldn't be trying to make him do barrels. He won't be happy. He used to going slow and the speed probably confuses him
I forgot to mention that I wear Spurs, and I use a dressage whip and when he is tapped with the whip he resorts to stopping and bucking like a bronc😅😭
A dressage whip or crop doesnt hurt any worse than a kick, I'm sure he can handle it.
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