How often do you oil your saddles (I bought an Amerigo saddle a couple of months ago now, and the colour is already starting to rub off of the flap)?

Clean it before you oil!! I wipe my saddle off with a damp rag every time I ride. About once a month (although I should probably do it more often), I do a deep clean and then oil it.
Clean it before you oil (PLEASE!) I love the Antares products
You can't really hurt a saddle by oiling it. If follow Peyton's advice and oil once every few months, more if the saddle gets wet.
Well, if you think it needs oil, go ahead. You won't hurt it. As long as the oil continues to be absorbed, then it needs it. Once it stops absorbing just wipe it down with a rag! If you don't want it to darken you need a special non-darkening oil
Thank you!
I bought the saddle in August and have oiled it 3 or 4 times since then.
Do you think this is maybe not enough since the colour is rubbing off?
I oil mine whenever it starts looking dusty. I do a full clean and oil it until it stops sucking up the oil. Sometimes it takes 5-6 coats depending on how long I had waited.
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