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Do you have any suggestions of comfy saddles?

Do you have any suggestions of comfy saddles?
For western I found that Big Horn trail are the best
Devoucoux, collegiate and my favorites Albions and County's
I love collegiates :)
I love the comfort and contact my PJ provided they have inexpensive models and you still get good quality. I recommend the USA or Premier which is not so expensive
My Rembrandt dressage saddle is very comfy! But that's not a very common brand anymore
I have an Ovation and I love it. I've had multiple people tell me that it's a beautiful saddle and 2 of my trainers have told me it's super comfortable. It's also a really decent price didn't take a huge chunk of money
CWD or Antarès
and for a little cheaper option, HDRs are pretty nice usually
I love my Kent and Masters, it is so incredibly comfy and has the adjustable gullet system so I can use it on all of my horses. Plus, the leather quality could not be more beautiful. I have had mine coming up on 3 years, and it has kept it's same perfect shape and beauty.
I second Tad Coffins! They feel very secure and are super comfy!
Tadd Coffins are great
If you are looking for an English jumping saddle I would recommend a Voltaire as they are super comfy, I have one. Although they are a little pricey. A good option for dressage would be an equipe saddle.