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What is the best leg protection for a long distance (wraps, boots, ...)?

What is the best leg protection for a long distance (wraps, boots, ...)?
It depends on the horse. Some will freak out more with bandages/boots and step on them, pulling at them and so they end up doing more damadge than they would have without .
For horses who I know it would be beneficial, we do either standing bandages or trailer bandages. I prefer standing wraps/stable wraps because they are less likely to step on them. I also put on bell boots to protect them from stepping on themselves.
I moved three horses in my open stock trailer.
I didn't wrap anyone's legs and that was at the advice of my vet, who had hauled her back and forth to college.
They were all in their teens and solid trail horses. The worst that happened to any of them was losing a few pounds (they were on the road four days and three nights). Coming back east, none of them lost weight, they just loaded up and said "we're going home!"
I always standing wrap or the quick wraps from back on track work great! Tilly pulls off shipping boots so I never bother using them
If it's under a few hours, I wrap. If it's over a few hours I boot. When I shipped my horses last time, first trip(22h on the trailer) I borrowed full shipping boots. Second time (11h) I didn't have any boots so I just sent them with bell boots. That's my minimum. It's pretty easy for them to lose their footing and step on their other foot and you don't need to worry about the leg getting hot or anything with them.