What kind of essential oil should I use on my mare who have developed thrush on her left hind hoof?

Well I've heard tea tree and theives (young living blend) helps but I use apple cider viniger in water half and half just pick the hoof good and squirt it in work great! See results after 1 use!
I love essential oils and use them when I work with horses. Tea Tree Essential Oil; Thieves Essential Oil (Young Living Blend)/ On Guard (DoTerra Blend) are best and have strong anti fungal and antibacterial properties. Using this in a spray bottle dilated with fractionated coconut oil a few times a day.
Not bleach coppertox and a dry area for your horse and remember to pick out the feet
Oregano is the essential oil you need. It's very powerful, so just put a few drops in some olive oil, that will last forever too and was quite effective the few times I used it. The other methods work well also, just depends on what you want to do. I've used almost everything on rescue horses.
I use coppertox or if it's really bad, diluted bleach in a spray bottle.
If it's really bad, you can use bleach (just normal bleach that you use for laundry) to help dry and clean it out, it obviously is a aggressive technique, so do it only if its really bad.
Not an oil but I've put blue/red coat (which ever says for fungus) on it and it helps a lot
I use iodine. It helps heal the hoof while killing the thrush. You could also try some other solution like Thrush Buster. It's this blue stuff that kills thrush quite well. Hope this helps!
Not an oil. But plain old iodine isn't some super processed chemical product. We use it on our horses. It's completely harmless, kills the thrush while hardening the hoof. You can apply it for preventative purposes whenever you want as well.
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