What's the best way to reduce pain from a severely sprained ankle while riding (it's been over 3 months now since the injury and I'm still having a lot of pain while riding)?

Try jointed stirrups!
Toni Sime- I totally understand! My first day I wasn't supposed to be riding, I got on and rode anyway, and it hurt so bad!! But I did a lot of no stirrup, and I got stronger and I let my ankle heal! I hope my advice helps, and I hope you get well soon! :)
Leslie Walker- Yes it's been over 3 months and I've only ridden once cause the pain was to much. Also I just noticed the other day that it is bruising again... I haven't hurt it recently from what I can recall. It's crazy !
I had a terrible fall a few months ago with a horrible face injury, but didn't affect my sight or anything, and luckily only ended up spraining my ankle, the doctor reccomended AT LEAST 3 weeks off, and can NEED up to 6 weeks off. Because that's impossible, seeing as we can't possibly be away from our babies for no more than a few days, willingly, just do no stirrup work for 3-6 weeks and taking it easy on your ankle otherwise, it won't heal properly. Hope this helps!
you should buy some flexible stirrups! regular filis irons or western stirrups have no flexibility and put a lot of pressure on ankles and knees. if you ride english free jumps are the best
I've had it looked at multiple time even by an orthopedic surgeon and I was in a cast for 3 weeks. I'm also still in physiotherapy.
If I was you I would get that looked at
Back on track ankle brace helped me after breaking mine
Vet wrap works wonders. I have weak ankles too and I wrap them when I show or any strenuous riding
Maybe try some type of ankle brace? Or wrap it with something before you ride and try icing it?
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