What tail care do you guys use to keep your horses tail full and long?

During winter Take down 2 times a month to let it get air and fluff out while working your horse then put up after done working.
During summer, conditioner and shampoo (not to much bc you can hurt tail). During winter put up and condition and mtg every Opposite Day of each other
Good nutrition. We have seen amazing results from triple crown senior. Coats, mane, tail, and hoofs
Show sheen helps keep untangled and quality shampoos 3-5 days a week.
I like to put detangler in their tail once a week, brushing it out with my fingers every day. This prevents any from knotting, catching and getting pulled out. Detangler can be damaging but to the tail hairs, but I find less breaks than are pulled out when left without detangler.
I find it also really helps to condition the tail after cleaning it because (the whitening) shampoos I use can be harsh on their tail, and the conditioner not only coats the tail, replenishing oils and strengthening it, but also works as a detangler.
Mane and tail detangler makes it soft. Dont brush it much because that actually rips out hair
MTG or Bio Mane are good.
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