I have adopted a rescue that has been abused and neglected. Every time I go around her rear she'll either strike or try kicking me. Any advice? Also she's pretty hard to catch.

Round pen work and ground work. Get her to move her feet forward, backward, left and right. And some desensitizing!
Before you can do anything, you need to gain her trust. That's the most important things. Hang around in her pasture/stall until she doesn't mind you there. Give her a treat or sprinkle some grain/sweet feed a couple of feet infront of you. Patience is key when you're working with an abused horse, especially if she's scared of humans.
I agree with Alex, the best method is to be firm yet sweet. As for catching her, bring cookies or grain and don't show the halter as it could scare her away again. Do NOT leave the halter on and tie her up, that does you no good! Just come up to her gently and maybe have someone bring the halter once you have caught her, but please DO NOT TIE HER UP, only leave the halter on in the field if extremely necessary. Experience: I work with and have worked with several abused horses and horses that hate being catched.
You need a trainer. Not a 'cowboy' trainer, not a natural horsemanship trainer, just someone with common sense. I've worked with more than one horse like this, and what they really need is time. It helps tremendously if you know the line to draw between 'I'm letting that go' and 'you've had enough leniency, you're in trouble for that'. Within reason, don't treat an abused horse like they've been abused. It does them no favors. Treat them like any other horse with a training gap
Give her some time... you never really know to what extent the trauma she endured was. Spend time with her in the pasture, hold a bowl of grain and just let her be with you on her own terms. Talk to her (about anything), it helps her bond with you. Go slow and you really have to read her and don't stress her out.
Using a dressage whip to lightly caress hind legs while standing at her shoulder so she gets used to the sensation without putting you in danger. Plenty of praise when she behaves & keep your sessions short & sweet
For hard to catch, I would keep a flat halter and a 2ish foot drag line on her. We do that frequently at a horse rescue I volunteer at. And I've used a broom and pressure release to get horses used to touch (works really well on hind legs and hind end).
I would never offer a horse that is showing aggression and sort of treat. Maybe she might like you eventually but she is going to turn into a problem. I would rather have my horse scared of me and behaved that liking me and a brat
I find cowboying up on these types of horses is best, be firm and slightly aggressive but not abusive and eventually she will learn she isn't being harmed but needs to respect you.
Working her in a round pen would be your safest option. You can keep your distance but gain trust and respect from her at the same time. While you don't want to make her scared of you, you also need to set some ground rules for her that striking and kicking are not ok.
Maybe try offering her some grain or a treat of some sort that way she will hopefully start associating you with something good and will begin to trust you more. either way it will take some time to gain that trust so just be patient
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