How do you get a horse to lengthen her stride when she trots. Right now it appears that she is stomping and very choppy. I want it to be smooth.

Make sure you're using half halts to balance very often. When I teach the lengthen I always start in a leg yield to get the horse engaged, then straighted and push for power from my seat.
Try lengthening your time in the air at the posting trot
make sure she is lifting her back and stomach, and properly engaging! i she is in a hollow frame she can't use her body properly.
If you have or if you know someone with a dressage whip try riding with it. Every 3-5 steps just lightly tap her back inside leg. You should fell an immediate difference in her stride but it will go away after 3-5 steps which is why you will need to tap again. If you don't feel a difference then tap alittle harder.

When doing this though make sure that your mare doesn't speed up. Her speed MUST stay the same. So make sure you don't change your post rythem.

Then you can also take her over ground poles of 6 or more and tap her back inside leg about 1-2 steps before she goes over the first pole!
Make sure she is relaxed and stretched before you ride her, if her trotting is choppy then she is not tracking and is taking short steps. By doing the long and low exercise, letting her drop he nose as far as she wants to the ground, it allows her to relax and it will restrict her movement less. This can also be done in the trot as well. You can also start to build up her muscle and lengthen her stride by trotting ground poles and cavalettis
Thanks for your help. She gets adjusted by a chiropractor every 8 weeks and her next one is on Monday. She's always been a little choppy. Rough ride.
Trotting lengthened poles and ask her to lengthen but as soon as it feels choppy or like she's just turning over faster being her back to a working trot and keep repeating this.
Trotting poles!! It helps them learn to stride out and stretches! Talk to your vet or look for a local chiropractor and they will show you the proper way to stretch your horse and will give you all the stretches you need
Sorry I should've mentioned she's an 8yr old appendix.
It will make them clench their muscles in the hind and slowly they will get off of the front of their body more and onto the hind. Rollbacks work as well.
She might be heavy in the front. You can slowly fix this by using to hoof picks and gently sliding them down the muscle lines of he hind quarters at the same time.
She might just have to build up muscle or she is body sore. Happens a lot with OTTB. What breed is she?
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