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how to price a warmblood

how to price a warmblood
Hello Maya, Thanks for responding, sure, I would love your help,

We are a breeding farm in Manitoba Canada and I have always wondered how and what are fair values of horses. I am curious to find out what most people would consider fair.

For example we have a 5.5 year old Black Oldenburg Mare - sire Wolkentanz II (thoroughbred dam), 16.3 HH
She has had 4 months of training, she has a great temperament/character and is very kind and gentle, well mannered and very easy to train. She loves to cuddle, she is a people horse. She is a very sound mare.

Then we have a bay Hanoverian Gelding (4.5 years old) - sire Escudo II - Autocrat - Aalborg - 16.2 (summer height)
He is a very athletic horse. He has a very light mouth. He was started in 2015 with walk, trot, canter. He was started this year with lateral work and can do leg yielding and started flying changes. He is still green so needs a patient trainer. He is a people horse. He is an attention grabber. He is very willing to work and learn.

I think the gelding is better quality but both are very good horses, how would you price them? My mom put a price on them but I question whether it is enough, so I am curious what others would say. Do you not need to see them?

Appreciate your help!! Heike
Pricing a warmblood is the same like every horse. Experience, age, bloodlines, show experience(or no), ability, etc/ Would you like me to do it for you?