Any recommendations for joint supplements? I'm looking for something for maintenance for my 10 year old mare (light/moderate work, no lameness issues). Thank you!

Corral-flx rx fairly cheap and last forever. Seen amazing results
Thank you for all of the answers everyone!
For my 11 year old mare I use Smartpak's SmartFlex II Support Pellets. Love them
Love Smartpak products - answer the questionnaire and it helps you decide what is appropriate for your horse.
ActiFlex4000 is amazing BigDee's carries it. I have used it with a 25 yr old gelding who turned into a youngster again loosened him up and got him to move freely . I also know many many humans who also use it for their arthritic issues and if you look at the reviews on Amazon there is a huge following for this.
I have heard good things about Conqore? Something like that. We use it at my college for horses who are in moderate to heavy work, and need a lot of joint support
I really like the FourFlex series, which are not as well known as other big brands, for their very interesting list of ingredients with proven effects on arthritis development. Also they are a bit more affordable. For a horse with a moderate workload, I would go with the regular one without the HA as it saves some money and is not absolutely needed for lower intensity. It is a rice brand base (power) so some horses take a bit a convincing in order to eat it! Hope that helps.
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