Hi brandy has thrush what is the bet way to treat thrush like on horses hooths thanks

My farrier and my friend's farrier both told me to use a product called Tomorrow. Its a mastitis medication for cattle. My horse had a pretty nasty case of thrush and it cleared it up really well.
Kopertox or a diluted bleach solution along with a dry bedding will help.
I use a product called thrush buster on my horse @rebekka . Dover Saddlery, Tractor Supply, and probably any other tack shop would have it. Its really easy to use but be careful it will stain if you get it one your hands or clothes!!!
Iodine, if it's in her frog soak cotton balls with iodine shove them up in the cleft and change daily, also just keeping her hooves clean and dry
I like to use iodine because you can use it as much as you want and also for prevention. I find it works just as well as thrush buster only you can use it whenever and is much cheaper.
I try to avoid bleach because if used too much it can damage the frog and dry out the hoof.
Coppertox and hooves picked out daily
Bleach and keep your horses stall CLEAN I pour a splash of bleach on the sole of hooves the moment I see/smell any sign of thrush and have very little issue with thrush. I also make sure my horses living area makes most humans living areas look inferior. If you wouldn't walk through and stand barefoot in your horses stall for hours, your horse shouldn't either.
Coppertox and try to keep their feet as dry as possible
Ok thank you
Thrush buster or iodine.
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