I've got a 3 and half years old horse and I want to have your opinion: what should I work with her?

Thank you
Lots of ground work, work on any fears, and trotting.
I figured out that I ask my question in a wrong way. I know how to work a young horse but the fact is that I've already done the basics with her and I just need some idea
Ground work, despooking and lots and lots of circles and trotting. If you can afford it, send her out for professional dressage training, when she is fit from all the trot work
Good Lord. If you have to ask, get a reputable trainer to work under.
Exactly what meadow ball said..also find out what needs to be improved and make a schedule:)
get her thinking ! but also remember that she's a baby and she has a baby brain. lots of breaks and circles, serpentines, work on cues.
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