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What are your med kit must-haves?

What are your med kit must-haves?
Latex gloves, scissors, scalpel, Furazone Salve, gauze, vet wrap, polo wraps, wormer, blunt-tipped scissors, rubbing alcohol, wire cutters, electrolytes, and thermometer. Along with multiple medications and vaccinations.
Vet wrap, gauze pads, Epsom salts, dipers, duck tape, antibiotic cream, blue cote, peroxide, scissors, knife,vets number, clear eyes or eyewash, tweezers, plastics gloves, lavender essential oil (for calming your horse, let them inhale directly form the bottle or rub on thw insides of the ears).
bag-balm, vet rap, diapers, desinfectante for open wounds, silver spray:)
Vetwrap, diapers/maxipads, silver spray, dermagel, gauze pads, syringes,
Vetwrap, Gauze pads, saline solution, 60cc syringes, 10 ml syringes, antibiotic wound salve/cream, liquid stitches, and much much more (for horses and people)