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Best western and best English saddle brands? Nothing over $1500.

Best western and best English saddle brands? Nothing over $1500.
For English.. HDR, Circuit, M Toulouse, Pessoa, Ovation.
Love my County English saddle $4500 new, found mine for $1800
Look for quality used saddles. Many good sites on web
Also the Wintec Isabelle is the same tree used in the Bates Isabelle only real difference is the material one is leather and the other isn't.
Western: Billy Cook (only the ones made in oklahoma), tex tan, double j, saddle smith, martin,
Cheap English saddles that you could buy new are dovers circuit, m Toulouse and Pessoa
Billy Royal (Western), Billy Cook (Barrel), CWD (English)
I have a CWD jumping saddle. New ones are generally rather expensive, but you can find great second hand ones for less than $1500. They are so comfy and I just love them.
For Western saddles Dakota Saddlery makes some nice western saddles. They use the Steele trees which are really good. They are around $900-$1300 depending. A little more expensive would be Tex Tan and Circle Y.
You could find a M. Toulouse around that price.
Wanted to add doesn't matter the style^
Wintec Isabelle is my favorite cheep English saddle. The wintec pro is pretty good too.